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Topic Sentence - - The black death would destroy families and even communities b. Parents abandoned children. How it felt to be sick. The Black Death hurt more than stabbings to the chest.

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  • Plague outbreaks that ravaged Europe for centuries were driven by climate changes in Asia.

How the Black Death changed history a. Topic Sentencethe black death changed history dramatically b. Hygiene c. Changed peoples religious aspects d. Medical Advancements Conclusion a. Reworded thesis - - As you can see how terrible the Black Death was. Thanks to scientists we will never have to go through this again. Small but deadly c. The person is now dead. Sitting in your bed and rotting from the inside. Having large black abscesses protruding from your body the size of an egg or a small apple www. Those abscesses would be gushing with green-black blood that would be enough smell to let your neighbors know that you were dying.

This is what would have happened if you were to live in mid- 14th century. This is the time when The Black Death hit Europe. This was at the time when Europe began to prosper.

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After three years, Europe dropped their high status. Europe was now one of the countries of the world that was depending on other countries for help. In modern day Europe people still remember the tragic disease that swept across that time when their ancestors lived. The Black Death changed history forever. The Black Death first hit Europe in According to Giovanni Boccaccio, an Italian writer, Ate lunch with friends and ate dinner with ancestors in paradise www. This clearly shows how fast the Black Death occurred and how fast it spread throughout all of Europe. The Black Death killed people very fast.

Once a person had the disease it would be within two to four days when people would die from the sickness. In some of the most serious cases the illness would take over in just a couple of hours.

This is what Boccaccio meant when he said such things about how people Ate lunch with friends and dinner with ancestors in paradise. Once the Black Death hit Europe it spread like wildfire. They were coming back from a trip from Asia. By the time the sailors got back most of them were sick and on the verge of death. Many others were already dead. People would never think that the problem would be so serious, and by nearly 25 million people were dead!

That was one third of Europes population at the time. In the plague spread all the way to Ireland. The plague spread to Ireland because many of the sick British were moving there. Soon the plague was all throughout Ireland. This led to people moving from the country to the city. More people got infected with the plague and died.

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Even worse the plague spread all across Europe in three years. Some places were impacted greatly. These were some of the biggest cities in Europe at the time. Most of these places would be overcrowded and would have unsanitary conditions.

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The plague got even worse when there would be nobody that was able to pick up the dead rotting people. The toxins that lay inside the dead were being released and causing even more illness. People would die two to four days after exposure to this deadly disease. According to Giovanni Boccaccio Parents would abandon sick children, and children would not want to be near their sick parents.

The Black Death would cause people to turn their backs on both their friends and their family. The Black Death worked in mysterious ways. Since this happened in people had not even invented microscopes.

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If they had the microscope the people would have been better able to understand how The Black Death worked, hence they would have been able to slow or even stop it. The Black Death was a problem that was caused by a tiny flea called the rat flea. This flea is called the rat flea because this particular flea likes to travel on rats. You may be asking, How does this relate to the Black Death?

What happened is back in the 14th century people did not know about cleanliness. Many tiny little rats would roam the street looking for food. As you know rats are usually around when places are dirty. These tiny fleas would hitch rides on the rats and when the rats would hang around these dirty and overcrowded cities the fleas would jump on these people and bite these people. Then after the fleas were full they would then jump to another person and infect that person as well www.

The fleas came from Asia. More specifically, people thought the flea came from the Gobi desert. It is amazing that something so small could kill 25 million people. People would walk around in this suit called the Doctors Suit and would put perfumes in the nose of the masks and would put eye coverings over the eye socket. They did this to protect their eyes from what they thought was evil. They did not want the evil to go into their eyes. They used the perfumes to block out the smell of the rotting bodies.

Many people would have a robe and a scythe to hurt anything that tried to hurt them. The robe would be a great thing to protect them except the flea would more likely crawl up the robe and would infect them. As you can see most of the friars and nuns were the only ones who still prayed to god the rest believed that his powers were not real and used the suit instead. The Black Death would hurt people, families, and even communities.

For example, parents would abandon their children in fear of getting sick themselves. They would just leave their children in their bedroom and would not even help them once they knew the children were infected with the plague. Parents however, would end up eventually dying though because once their child was dead they would go take the sheets off the bed and then the fleas would jump on them and infect them as well.

As the same time, children would also abandon their parents. Babies would sit and cry by their sick mothers that lay dead in the body infested street.

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According to Boccaccios writings Fathers abandoned their sick sons. The Black Death" was the greatest natural diaster to ever curse humanity that killed two thirds of Europe in the strangest manner, because no one could fully get rid of the desease it just spreaded causing a discusting way to death. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Conditions and Diseases. Black Death Plagues. What is an excellent thesis statement for the black death or plague?

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Black Death Plague was pandemic during to It killed 75 to million people. Read More. Asked in Black Death Plagues Why is the plague called black plague? They called it the black death because the plague came from black rats that were infected with the black plague. Black Death, Black Plague, the Plague. Asked in Black Death Plagues Why do we call the black plague the black plague?

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Asked in Black Death Plagues What are other names for the black plague? The 13th Amendment officially abolished slavery in the United States. A good thesis statement for this amendment might be, 'The 13th amendment freed the slaves, but only slightly improved conditions for Black folks in America. Asked in Black Death Plagues Is black plague infectious? The Black Plague is a infectious disease. Answer to "Were there other names for the black death?

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