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A neuroimaging algorithm for suspected physical abuse is included as well as recommended MRI protocols and conducting audits.

In his editorial, Peter J. Strouse writes. The guidelines also recommend that two radiologic technologists work together to verify compliance with protocol, and to prepare necessary documentation and quality control. Similarly, the guidelines recommend that skeletal surveys be reported by a consensus of two radiologists. In addition to potentially improving sensitivity, specificity, and consistency of reporting, double-reading protects against bias. The guidelines are free of charge and accessible here. Dealing with suspected child abuse cases: a comprehensive toolkit from the U.

Appl Radiol. It specifically addresses these topics: Which children should be imaged when physical abuse is suspected? What modalities should be used to maximize detection of occult injuries while limiting exposure to unnecessary radiation? How imaging examinations should be performed, reported, and communicated. There are different aspects of child abuse that is sexual, emotional, neglect, exposure to domestic violence etc.

Physical abuse can be seemed and notices and other type of abuse such as emotional abuse which also leave deep, lasting scars.

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Further the physical signs of child abuse is knowns as beaten-up child symptom while this syndrome mention to many fracture which take place at the time when children have received them at the time of accident. Physical abuse may be take place at the time of stress Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi, Further, children who are socially abused may still suffer from the effects after the injuries have healed.

In physical abuse it includes injury that is shaking, throwing, hitting or causing suffocation. For instance female genital mutilation is one kind of physical child abuse which is illegal and prohibited in UK. From the adults report it has been identified that there are National society for the prevention of cruelty to children shows generate report in in the UK which includes following:.

From the above result it show that there are large number of children who are being maltreated. On the other side government statistics show that in there are children in England who were bring up to local authority social care services. There are some professional such as school teacher, nurses, polices who are legally duty-bound to report if they detected any child abuse Finkelhor, Turner, and Hamby, Along with this any person who think that any person any child is physically abuse then it need to report to child protection.

It is a duty of professional to act if any child abuse is detected or suspected. It is important involve senior colleagues and share information. Further if it has been identified that a child is in danger then professional must act in the child best interest.

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As per according to the General medical council guidance it is a duty of all professional to report concerns that child is at risk Kemp, Maguire and Dunstan, Further, child protection will be measure and where necessary investigation will be done if a child is at risk of significant harm.

There are some potential sign of child abuse which individual must know in order to protect in children form physical abuse. Collaborative roles with other professional at the time of working with a child who has been abused.

Wirral Serious Case Reviews

Collaborative roles play significant role at the time when working for welfare of children. Information about collaboration among child welfare is as follows:. Neighborhood and community play significant role for making sure the protection and well being of children by strengthening families Cammarota and Fine, They can make aware to family member if they found that there child is physically abused by others.

Law enforcement can respond to the certain type of physically abused children.

Research and publications on child abuse and neglect | First Star

They can take action against those who physically abused children Gast and Ledford, There can be a involvement of law enforcement if they found that any child is abuses. It can take action against those people who physically abused children. At the time of providing treatment to a child who is suffering from the child abuse it is important to communicate with them in polite manner oldstein, Faulkner and Wekerle, Further it is important to win trust of children so that it can easily share problem from which are facing at present.

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Along with this, children need to provide treatment according to their requirements so that they can recover their health fast. Child maltreatment needed some host of ethical and legal consideration. There are some ethical issues which are related to the child abuse Neuman and Robson, Children has unique ethical characteristics as they are the only class of people who may be discriminated against legally.

As children have less legal right but there parents and caregiver have unlimited legal power. Due to this child cannot give informed permission which create difficulties for them at of when they need medical intervention. Further children have some essentially vulnerability due to this they are first to suffer if anything go wrong Neuman and Robson, Children are physically involved and they are also not much capable as compare to adults because of this reason they might be obliged into actions which they even not done or wish to do.

It is important to kept information provided by children confidentially.

One in three child abuse cases is linked to alcoholic parents says government study

Further there are some codes of ethics which need to be followed at the time of when and child get abuse by its family or others. There are some legal act which are made in accordance to prevent a child from abuse. This act is most beneficial for children, because government make many rule and regulation for welfare of children.

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