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The purpose for conducting this study was to compare the perceptions of students, teachers, and parents of Lincoln High School students regarding the types of assistance students need from school counselors. Students, teachers, and parents were asked to complete a needs assessment survey to determine what student needs were thought to be of most importance among the three groups. The needs assessment survey was divided into 9 categories including: 1 Planning and developing careers; 2 Making decisions about college; 3 Preparation for finding jobs; 4 Finding jobs; 5 Job selection and training; 6 Planning and managing high school; 7 Issues which affect me; 8 Understanding and getting along with others; 9 Understanding and accepting myself.

The Kruskal-Wallis one-way analysis of variance by ranks was used to assess differences among the responses of teachers, parents, and students for each category of the needs assessment survey. Students, teachers, and parents agreed that career planning and obtaining financial aid were priorities for counselor assistance. Teachers and parents selected more items in the realm of affective issues than did students.

Students selected items primarily dealing with career and educational planning. The purpose of this study was to examine parent preferences for school counselor professional activities. The primary focus of research was to determine if any relationship exists between 1 parents' demographic factors - gender, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity - and their preferences for school counselors' professional activities; 2 educational factors - parents' level of education and grade level of their student - and parents' preferences for professional activities; and 3 parents' experience parenting high school students and their preferences for school counselors' professional activities.

I utilized a 7-item demographic questionnaire and an adapted version of the School Counselor Activity Wilder, Christopher December It has been viewed times, with in the last month. More information about this dissertation can be viewed below.


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  • Latino Students’ School Counseling Needs: an Exploratory Needs Assessment?
  • An Examination of Parents' Preferred School Counselor Professional Activities.
  • Introduction to Counselling Concepts.
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Follow the links below to find similar items on the Digital Library. The SCARS is a item standardized instrument that measures how school counselors actually spend their time engaged in professional activities compared to how they would prefer to spend that time.

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The format was adapted from a verbal frequency scale to a 5-point Likert-type scale. In the current study, parents indicated their preference for school counselors to enact certain tasks, with higher scores indicating greater endorsement of the task. The sample was composed of parents from a school district in the southwestern United States. The study population consisted of female and 52 male participants ranging in age from 31 to 66 years old and included 6.

Results indicated that parents overall preferred counselors to engage, from most to least, in Coordination, Counseling, "other," Curriculum, and Consultation activities and that they most strongly endorsed counselors providing students with academic advising and counseling for school related behavior.

Latino Students’ School Counseling Needs: an Exploratory Needs Assessment - Digital Library

Regarding the primary focus of this study, the Pearson product moment correlation coefficient was utilized to ascertain potential relationship between variables. As early as this problem was recognized by Myers Another tendency dangerous to the cause of vocational guidance is the tendency to load the vocational counselor with so many duties foreign to the office that little real counseling can be done.

The principal, and often the counselor himself, has a very indefinite idea of the proper duties of this new office. If well chosen he has administrative ability. It is perfectly natural, therefore, for the principal to assign one administrative duty after another to the counselor until he becomes practically assistant principal, with little time for the real work of a counselor.


Added to the educational mission was a vocational mission. How did education respond to these additional tasks and challenges?

One response was to add pupil personnel work to the. Show More.


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