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The split personality motif reaches the height of its foreshadowing power as Marion battles both sides of her conscience while driving on an ominous and seemingly endless road toward the Bates Motel. Marion wrestles with the voices of those that her crime and disappearance has affected while the audience is compelled to recognise as to why it can so easily identify with Marion despite her wrongful actions.

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The suspicion and animosity that Marion feels while at the motel is felt by the audience. Hitchcock compels the audience to identify with the quiet and shy character whose devotion to his invalid mother has cost him his own identity. The audience is reassured, however, when Marion, upon returning to her room, decides to return the money and face the consequences of her actions. Upon the introduction of Norman, Hitchcock introduces the first of several character parallels within Psycho.

The clash between Marion and Norman, although not apparent to the audience until the end of the film, is one of neurosis versus psychosis.

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The compulsive and obsessive actions that drove Marion to steal the money is recognisable, albeit unusual behaviour, that the audience embraces as its sympathy is primarily directed towards her character. The terror that Hitchcock conveys to the audience manifests itself once the audience learns that it empathised with a psychotic person to a greater extent than with rational one when its sympathy is shifted to Norman.

During the infamous shower scene, Hitchcock conveys a sense of cleansing for the audience. The audience, now in a vulnerable state looks to Norman to replace Marion as its main focus in its subjective role. As the two men face each other, the audience is able to see their contrasting personalities in relation to Marion. The conflict that arisesbetween Sam and Norman reflects the fact that Sam had what Norman wanted but was unable to attain due to his psychotic nature. Faced with this spectacle, Hitchcock forces the audience to examine its conscious self in relation to the events that it had just subjectively played a role in.

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Hitchcock enforces the idea that all the basic emotions and sentiments derived from the film can be felt by anyone as the unending battle between good and evil exists in all aspects of life. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. There are some mediums shots, which are shot before and after the murder, the reason they are not shot between the murder is to show violence and to make the audience feel as they are seeing a murder in reality and while the murder is happening, the audience can feel the helplessness of Marion, and that she is in danger and needs help but there is not one to help her, so audience feel like going into the scene and help her out.

Hitchcock is famous for using these kind of shots to make the audience go crazy and feel the reality and here comes the suspension of disbelief which makes the scene more interesting for the audience. Meanwhile, the use of close up shots of the eyes to show the emotions and the nature of the character that the audience could feel. These eye shots are the key shots of the film and nicely used as motif, and the eye with close up is a perfect way to show the goal for violence act.

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For example after the murder, when we see the blood draining into the drain of the tub, the drain transforms into the eye of the victim, who is lying dead on the bathroom floor. The shots of mirrors are also repeated couple of times to show the mirror image and the dual personality of the character. Birds have been used as a motif, be it stuffed birds in the parlor or the frames in the motel room, this signifies that Marion who came in the motel, she was not less than a stuffed bird on wall or a frame, who could not fly back ever again, as she was murdered by the psycho man.

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Even when Norman was taking her dead body out of the room, the frame falls down, which shows the end of her life. Then the use of low angle and high angle shots through out the course of the film as a motif to make audience feel comfortable and uncomfortable in different situations throughout the movie. In the last scene, when Norman is shown in the jail, we see that he is clad in a black blanket portraying him as a villain and wicked facial expressions on his face shows the evilness of his character and that he is not guilty of what he did, infact he was a truly psycho man.

Psycho Shower Scene Analysis. Accessed October 18, This prequel offers something very different in the world of television, developing an awkward relationship between a mother and her son. However, the actions portrayed by Norma and Norman Bates, played by Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga, develop into a deeper meaning of motherhood and the impossible expectations placed upon it The scariest part of knowing some people are forced live their own diluted, false world is the fact that they still exist, tangibly, in ours.

We see murderers and those with mental disorders on the outside as regular people like anyone else. However, they may be in a conflict with another entity in their own head, the little voice that governs their every move Better Essays words 1. Even though these characters terrorized and murder people they have taken on the persona of anti-heroes in pop culture.

Better Essays words 5 pages. Movies are a massive part of the entertainment area in today 's society.

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People from all over the world have different opinions about each genre, such as which is their favorite or least favorite. Since the movie selection has such a wide range of genres, it can make for a difficult decision on which one to choose.

When picking a movie to watch, a couple of the options are laughing to tears watching Adam Sandler or being scared to death by Freddie Krueger. Horror movies are supposed to be scary and adrenaline pumping with the purpose of frightening the audience Better Essays words 2 pages.

First, I will intend to take you on a brief journey through the horror genre and the conventions that have been associated.

Second I will show you how these conventions are used in the film Jaws.

psycho film review essay Psycho film review essay
psycho film review essay Psycho film review essay
psycho film review essay Psycho film review essay
psycho film review essay Psycho film review essay
psycho film review essay Psycho film review essay

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