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The idealism of children is one thing, but to have the passion that drives it is another. One instant when I felt that it was my duty to make a difference to our society was in , when the news was bombarded with headlines including only one name, Malala Yousafzai. I was in awe of her story, and found her determination and passion for the education of women incredibly inspiring. The attack was chilling; the only thing this 14 year old girl wanted was an education, something a lot of us take for granted, but she refused to hide her dreams.

She nearly paid for those simple hopes with her life because she lived in a part of Pakistan where the Taliban were seeking control. Her bravery, courage, and passion are outstanding, and this is why I consider her to be such an amazing role model. Since then, I have become more serious about my education, have actively researched politics and the right to education, and even gave essays on it to my history and English teachers at the time.

It should not be idealistic to want an education, it should be a given. However, passion can come in any shape or form. I recall hearing an elderly woman once remark that the youth of today have no passion for anything because everything is just handed to us.

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I have never disagreed with a statement more. Everyone has a passion for something; be it art, gaming, or reading. For me, it's sports. I attended an extremely sport orientated school at one point. Its official name included the fact that it was a sports college, but while some hated it, I absolutely embraced and loved it.

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We had the opportunity and the facilities to try a multitude of sports, and I find it difficult to name one that I didn't enjoy. Of course, I wasn't a natural at many sports; however, I particularly enjoyed fast-paced sports, such as basketball, hockey, and tennis.

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I began to take extra tennis classes, and still do. Tennis has been my passion for over five years and I always remember looking forward to the weekends, when I would practice and participate in tournaments. I would put on the same pleated white skirts which were so long when my parents bought them, that they went past my knees, and I would double knot my laces so that they wouldn't come undone. In hindsight, running across one side of a court for over an hour trying to hit a ball over the net may seem idiotic, but somehow, I loved it.

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Reports added by catrob96 — 1 Composition Personal Writing. The correct way to make a Report layout. Article vs Speech, the key differences added by ciara. Originally published by the Irish Independent, this handy link can help brush aside any doubts you have as to the differences between writing an article and writing a speech.

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Through the samples, you will be able to differentiate between the two, and pick up a few techniques to use yourself in your composing answer! Tips on how to write a good personal essay. Here's three sample essays I wrote during my Leaving Cert English study! Writing tips 10 tips for an original article Home Testimonials Jeannette TX I am very happy with this academic resource.

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