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Essay on The Issue With Honor Killings

Caste System. Good Morals.

Honor Killings Essay

These are a few of the terms that we have grown up with and accepted as part of our family values and incorporated in the societal norms. The most convenient thing for an upper caste male seeing as they are born with the kind of importance and respect, that we all desire. I am going to discuss the issue of Honour killings here. An honour killing or customary killing is the murder of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators and potentially the wider community that the victim has brought dishonour upon the family or community.

Often the lower case male in such situations also suffers the wrath. Whatever actions the man thereafter has to take in order to restore the so called disobedience and regulate the control on his women, thereby maintaining his reputation and societal status is understandable.

‘Honour killing’: Kill the mindset

This thinking was largely prevalent in the old primitive times wherein the power of a man was judged by his land his women, the two most important possessions. We have progressed, Human Rights have evolved, the constitution now gives equal rights to all and yet somewhere in the minds of all, this regressive attitude remains. The want for societal approval leads to dominating women which is a direct cause to such gruesome crimes.

Honour killing prevalent in educated society?

It is a well known fact that during the partition time, there were several Muslim and Hindu women who were left behind in the religiously undesirable country. These women, those of who survived, after struggling immensely settled down in their respective countries and formed new families. But a not so well known fact is that 20 years after the partition, both the countries decided that they could not tolerate their women habiting in enemy nations and felt it to be unacceptable.

Obviously nobody really thought of the women and how they had been managing since the last 20 years. The women were snatched from their families and sent back to their previous households. What happens thereafter? How can these households accept women who have had marital relations with the enemy and are not chaste enough anymore?

Such would not be tolerated in the respected households. Therefore measures were taken to uphold the family honour. One shudders to imagine the plight of these women and the extent to which they have suffered and faced disrespect. The caste system continues to be the second underlying cause of the Honour killings. Sociologists believe that the reason why honour killings continue to take place is because of the continued rigidity of the caste system.

Upper Caste families take pride in their ancestral roots and believe a marital union with the lower caste sect of the society is undesirable, even heinous. Such a match is looked at with disgust and when the problem arises from within their own family; extreme measures are taken which stem from their own innate ideals along with wanting to avoid disrepute within the society.

They want to preserve the family honour at any cost. Now as has become the norm, the son-in-law is killed along with the daughter. Thus, this practice continues though it should have been removed by now.

Human Rights are those inalienable rightsto which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being regardless of theircountry, religion, caste or gender to get them. State of U. The People in our country however feel such rights are restricted to Western countries and allowing this will somehow dilute the Indian Values.

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The Khap Panchayat claims that the women who obey their male relatives and the families that regulate their females have nothing to fear. The problem is severe as there is no proper act governing the honour killings in the country. It comes under the general IPC. That was an "honour killing".

This month, also in Pakistan, year-old Saba Maqsood was shot twice by her family , put in a sack and thrown in a canal. Because she married the man she loved.

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That was an attempted "honour killing". Following Parveen's murder, the UN's human rights commissioner Navi Pillay said , "I do not even wish to use the phrase 'honour killing': there is not the faintest vestige of honour in killing a woman in this way. These are not isolated incidents.

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In , the UN population fund estimated that 5, women annually are killed in the name of "honour". Subsequently the Council of Europe stated that situation had "worsened" in Europe and elsewhere in recent years. Although coined by Dutch-Turkish academic Ane Nauta in , it is widely recognised that adding the word "honour" to killing is problematic. Public bodies habitually use the term encased within supposedly sanitising inverted commas or preceded by the words "so-called".

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Typical is the Association of Chief Police Officers , which while using the term immediately states that of course "there is no honour in the commission of murder in the name of so-called honour". In its report, the Council of Europe defined these crimes as those "justified, explained or mitigated " by the perpetrator to defend family honour.

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But it also acknowledged that the term should be treated with "scepticism". Further, the UN states that the term risks "reinforcing discriminatory misperceptions that women embody the 'honour' of the male and the community". What grates is precisely how the crime is viewed through the lens of the offender.

It is true that perpetrators invariably invoke their slighted "honour". But there is a further common feature: this violence seeks to punish women for seeking to exercise independent choice, for defying not only the wishes of their families but social expectation — for daring to be free. That's the heart of the matter, and that's the right lens to view the problem through. We believe the time is ripe to intensify the search for a new term. On other gender violence issues, we have in recent times changed our use of language.

Originally female genital mutilation was called "female circumcision" in the UK the criminalising statute was the Prohibition of Female Circumcision Act But the term "circumcision" did not adequately reflect society's deprecation of this violent child abuse, and was subsequently altered. Indeed, in this and other crimes of sexual violence the term "victim" is heavily contested by survivors. It's important we use it correctly. Being labelled a 'victim' in itself continues the violation. So what term are we to use instead of "honour killing"? A number of suggestions have previously been advanced.

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women suggests "femicide". Perhaps "family femicide" adds the kinship collusion element of the crime.

essay on honor killing in india Essay on honor killing in india
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essay on honor killing in india Essay on honor killing in india
essay on honor killing in india Essay on honor killing in india
essay on honor killing in india Essay on honor killing in india

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