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Terrifies me. When it comes to tests, I favor: a. Abstract reasoning. Cranking out straightforward problems.

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Outside of class, I like to: a. Read really tough articles or books slowly. Devour entertaining, popular books. With fewer questions than the ACT but more abstract problems, this test is ideal for students who enjoy spending time working through brainteasers. Students who excel at more-straightforward questions and can handle a time crunch will likely score better on this exam. Your kid is cruising through her inbox when she spots a marketing email from one of the schools she applied to. No big deal, right?

These days, colleges are using big data and logarithms to track every move prospective students make—and they want to know how interested you are in their school. Because at the end of the day, no one likes being rejected. We get it: Filling out forms is about as fun as watching paint dry. Admissions interviews are out; flaunting your unique personality through essays yes, there will be more than one per school is in. Straight As in calc?

Write about your love of skateboarding instead. Get it so you feel like this is a slice of your personality on the page. It should go without saying, but keep things in the realm of reality. Pick a true story. Even in the wake of the Operation Varsity Blues scandal, one of the oldest tricks in the book still works. Got a couple million bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Many development offices are listening. Is your daughter set on becoming the next rock-star physicist or soccer champ?

Don't speak generically—Boston University knows that it has great academics and interesting classes. You need to name specific parts of the school that are attractive to you as a student. Whatever your reason, make it specific to BU—something that you can't get at any other college or university. For more information on how to answer the BU essay prompt, visit our article on the subject!

Please use this space if you have additional information, materials, or writing samples you would like us to consider. The second Boston University supplement essay prompt may seem intimidating—what should you upload? You should use this essay prompt as a chance to a.

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If, for instance, you are the first chair in your high school's wind symphony, you might want to upload a MP3 file of your playing. Boston University will have lots of students applying who are musicians—sending in a file of yourself playing can demonstrate the quality of your musicianship. On the other hand, if you've been playing in a punk band with some friends for fun for five years but didn't mention it elsewhere on your application, this essay prompt gives you the perfect opportunity to present another aspect of your personality. Whatever you choose to upload, make sure that it is high quality and well put-together.

Boston University 12222-20 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

Submitting something that's confusing or sloppy can give the admissions committee the wrong impression, so if you don't have anything that stands out as something you'd want to submit, you could skip this question altogether. The Accelerated Programs Admission Committee is interested in learning more about you. Please write an essay on why you wish to enter the health professions, including what experiences have led you to this decision and what you hope to gain from your chosen profession.

Please make sure your essay is completely distinct from the one you submitted on the Common Application. This prompt is only for students who are applying to the Accelerated Program in Liberal Arts and Medicine. This Boston University Supplement Essay prompt is a pretty standard example of a health professional admissions essay, but the long word count is tricky.

You want to be specific and passionate, not redundant and long-winded. You can break your essay down into two main parts: why you decided to enter the health professions and what you hope to gain from doing so. When you talk about why you decided to enter the health professions, be sure to highlight any specific experiences that influenced your decision. Don't speak in generalizations or platitudes—call out real experiences that made you decide to apply. Don't, for instance, say that you want to change the world through medicine, unless you can back it up with a solid explanation of why.

Discussing what you hope to gain from the profession is an opportunity to hammer home why Boston University is such an important part of your education. Talk about what you hope to achieve in your career and how Boston University can help you get there. Option B: If you could create a new Kilachand course, what would it be?

How would your imagined course align with the core values of Kilachand?

Students who are applying to Boston University's Kilachand Honors College must answer an additional word prompt. You'll choose between two prompts, and both require you to discuss what about Kilachand is important to you and how you think it could help you achieve your goals. The Kilachand Honors College is a living and learning community where you have the opportunity to participate in experiential learning activities, so it's a good idea to highlight how practical application and real-world experience is important to you in this essay.

The key to either of these prompts is to be specific. You don't need to talk about all of your academic interests here—in fact, it's probably better to just discuss one or two that are really important to you. Whatever interest you choose to write about, you should make sure that you highlight how you would continue to explore that interest at Boston University, and Kilachand specifically.

Please select one of the questions below and respond with an essay explaining your perspective. Students who are applying for the Boston University Trustees Scholarships must answer an additional essay of words. The Trustees Scholarship asks you to pick between two prompts. Both are geared towards helping the admission committee learn more about your interests and values.

Option A wants to know about an interest you have that you're really passionate about. Think about a topic you've learned about that really resonated with you. How did you express that interest? Why are you so passionate about the topic? How do you plan to continue learning about it in the future?

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In this essay, you'll want to show you're a curious learner who'll be excited to make the most of the classes you'll take at BU. If you choose Option B, you'll discuss a time you tried to challenge a social norm. Students participate in a major simulation carried out in separate teams for days together, where they get exposure to the iterative decision-making process of the real world.

The International Field Seminars for graduate students is an opportunity for students to meet and interact with high profile executives of companies belonging to developing countries like India and Brazil. Students who have a business concept in mind can get its future validated by working at the incubator of the Buzz Lab, where they can get mentorship from renowned faculty members and access to tools and resources required for developing the prototype of their product. There are competitions such as New Venture Competition organized by Buzz Lab that gives an opportunity to the students to implement their business ideas.

The Business Startup Bootcamp helps students connect with industry experts from various functional areas who provide insights into business strategies and management challenges. Boston is a world-class hub of entrepreneurial and business resources. The city houses an array of universities, research and technology centers, and financial institutions that require and reward young and talented minds.

Students seek advantage of the unparalleled connections that they make with corporate, startups, scientific and business organizations. The art, museums and architecture of the city are its cultural assets. The career coaches who carry immense experience guide the students in leveraging their network and identifying the best internship and full-time job opportunities available in the market.


How to get the best Boston University application essay

The career consultants regularly meet the students to discuss their career progress and analyze whether the students have achieved the milestones that they had set for themselves. FCC helps students connect with the extensive alumni network who make regular visits to the campus and engage with the students over case competitions and networking events. Students play a proactive role in Student Clubs and Organizations, where they make company visits and treks to employer sites.

Students get access to Vault and Wetfeet industry guides, where they can get all the information regarding a prospective employer.

I came in contact with Mayank Srivastava at Experts Global after I scored on my GMAT in my first attempt seeking guidance for my journey ahead from there as I had no idea about which school to apply , which program is best for me , should I retake the GMAT and improve my Quant percentile and other millions of questions like these. At first , I thought that I will get all these answers all by myself and google and I was such a strong believer of this that I made fun of my friends who got paid consultancy seeking help in their MBA application journey last year.

Then I realised that you can convince yourself of anything with data on internet , If you start a search to find that Android is better than IOS — you will definitely get convincing data to support the fact and if you start the search to find the opposite you will get equally compelling proof.

Same applied for the search relating to schools , programs etc. That is where I got all the help from Shailesh who was my mentor at Experts Global. He has himself been through this journey and helped so many students that he always knows what is best for you and stupid questions are going on in your mind.

He helped me with mock interviews pointing out my weaknesses , my strengths ,what I am doing wrong ,what I am not doing and should be doing , tiny details which you can never prepare without professional help.

boston university college application essay Boston university college application essay
boston university college application essay Boston university college application essay
boston university college application essay Boston university college application essay
boston university college application essay Boston university college application essay
boston university college application essay Boston university college application essay

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