Pre production media coursework

Equipment and other Filming Technicalities

To begin with, you will be taught the core areas of analysis and will explore a range of media texts to develop an understanding of how meanings are encoded by media producers.

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  5. Unit 1 Pre-production?
  6. Main Task- Pre Production Documents.

After this, most lessons will involve working on practical assignments; this will involve research, planning, pre-production, production and post-production. You will be trained by our technical team on how to use industry-standard equipment and editing software programs. Some units will involve working with real clients from the media industry and, as a result, you can expect to be attending workshops with industry professionals.

Film and Television (Production) Gallery

Assessment for this course is entirely through coursework. The Diploma in Digital Media can be complemented by other vocational or academic qualifications.

Due to the fact this is a vocational course it contains a high level of creative and practical work, so will be suited to those students wishing to further develop this area. It also combines well with other creative courses.

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The qualification has been designed to meet the DfEs requirements for qualifications in the Tech Level category of the performance tables. As well as enabling you to enter Higher Education, the subject will provide you with analytical and practical skills that are appropriate for a career in the film and media Industries.

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  • Are you interested in media products and how they are produced? Would you like the opportunity to create your own media texts? What will I be studying on the course? I decided to analyse Pineapple Express for the content within the review in order to find out how I should structure my own review and what things to include. Next we have the main body of the review; this part is all about the two main actors in the film.

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    Pre-Production Coursework Evaluation

    Seth Rogan and James Franco, again they talk about previous films such. As I had to postpone filming, I thought I should update my production schedule.

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    • The vocabulary is still very film specific but less formal. This review, like other Empire reviews, is well structured making it easy to follow ; an introduction, main body and conclusion means it flows and sounds good.

      Lauren's A2 Media Coursework: Post Pre-production Documentation

      Title: The title is in a simple black font , yet it is bold and the use of uppercase letters make it stand out to the audience and catch the attention. Summary Box: The little box before the actual review is a little sum up of key information , such as the release date, certificate, director, cast, running time and plot.

      This is very useful to the reader as it gives a quick summary; they can then choose whether to continue reading the review or go to the next one… The actual review then provides more detailed information about the film. Finally we have the Verdict Box : this gives a star rating of what Empire think the film is; this gives the reader a non-biased opinion of the film and in some cases will influence whether the reader will go and see the film or not as Empire are a very valued and reliable film magazine.

      As part of our A2 course we have to design and write our own film review. I decided to look at a few different examples from Empire magazine in order to see the layout , look at the language and work out what content I should use when doing a film review for my mockumentary.

      pre production media coursework Pre production media coursework
      pre production media coursework Pre production media coursework
      pre production media coursework Pre production media coursework
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