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Abstract Expressionism

The colours have semantic quality: red is a very powerful colour, which used to represent the highest sacred persons. The vertical lines intensify the redness to an extent that it expands beyond the boundaries of the canvas. The viewer, who should position himself directly in front of the painting, experiences the power of colour and senses the overwhelming presence of the sublime. After the end of the Second World War, American society and culture began to transform and new ideals and values and also a new self-confidence entailed the search for not only a national identity, but also shaped a national art, which began to free itself from foreign influences.

The attitudes of the artists towards Europe were, however, ambivalent. On the other hand, and possibly more realistic, European influences of German Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism cannot be denied. Pollock once said that the idea of an isolated American painting to him seems absurd. All American Expressionists began their careers in a more representative style and Pollock for example was a huge admirer of Pablo Picasso and reckons the first important paintings being done in France. But the basic problems of contemporary painting are independent of any country.

Bibliography lists 8 sources. Cubism vs. French Impressionism vs.

Abstract Expressionism

Modernism : A 4 page paper comparing these two art forms. The writer describes how each is different from the other, as well as comparing one of Monet's paintings [ Water Lillies ] with one of Picasso's [ Ma Jolie ]. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Human Nature in Renaissance Art : A 20 page paper describing the view of human nature on renaissance art. The writer describes the Renaissance belief in humanism and its effects on the view of human nature and how this is portrayed in art of the time. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Romanesque Art : The contributions of Marilyn Stokstad are noted in this 8 page paper that focuses on the Romanesque style. The only source for this analysis is her book Medieval Art in which she focuses on history in interpreting the evolution of various art periods. The roots of Romanesque art are discussed, which include such influences as the Carolingian, Ottonian and Byzantine styles. Pop Art : The sixties art movement is discussed in a 6 page overview. Definitions of the movement are in depth. Specific works are analyzed along with the movement itself. Social and political meanings of the art are explored.

The social, political and economical impact of eighteenth century art was vast and encompassing. The world, at that time, was changing in leaps and bounds, and those of the artistic circles were not to be left behind. The writer discusses the particular influence to this change of two extraordinary and celebrated French artists: Jacques-Louis David and Francois Boucher.

Bibliography lists 6 sources. Cultural Expression In African American Art : A 4 page paper on the use of art to express the African American struggles everyday and over the centuries , successes, and the search for identity and empowerment. Two artists highlighted are: Jason Miccolo Johnson and John Biggers, noting their past and contributing contributions to the culture of African American expression. The paper also relies on quotes from literary and other Black artists to express not only the daily struggle for survival and recognition for African Americans, but the struggle of Black artists in the art world itself.

It is ultimately concluded that the transformation of vision that occurred in late medieval ages was the movement from a culture obsessed with becoming divine to a culture more at home in its own humanity. Bibliography lists more than 25 sources. Bibliography lists 7 sources. The Influence Of African Art in Haiti : A 10 page paper that describes the influences of African art on Haiti and looks at some early Haitian artists and considers the role of their African heritage in the development of their craft.

Japanese Art and Culture : This 10 page paper provides an overview of Japanese culture with an emphasis on art. Included is a section on the history of art in Japan. Contemporary subjects are addressed including the culture's treatment of AIDS and homosexuality. Comparisons between Japanese and Western culture are made throughout the paper. Bibliography lists 11 sources. The scope of the era is defined and its link with the introduction of Buddhism is highlighted.

The Horyuji Temple is noted as being important to the history of Japanese art and the clothing as created during the time period is also included. The Kamakuran period marks the time in Japanese history when the city of Kamakura was the capitol of Japan. The period was characterized by great and beautiful art as a direct result of the change in military rule, and Buddhist beliefs.

Most of the art of the time consisted sculptures pictures and portraits of Gods, spirits, and priests. Mimbres Pottery : A 10 page essay on the beautiful pottery produced by this tribe of ancient North American Indians. Bibliography lists six sources. End notes.

The writer discusses some of the more significant of his works, and talks about how he was perceived by his peers. Bibliography included. Salvadore Dali : 5 page biography and discussion of the 20th century Spanish surrealist painter, Salvadore Dali. Examples of his early, Surrealist, and Classical periods are given with analysis.

Bibliography that lists 6 sources. They are not done in the same style, yet share many similarities. A brief synopsis of Dali's life as an artist serves as an introduction.

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Bibliography cites 9 sources. Several points are made including the artist's possible perception, the masculinity of the piece along with its angelic qualities. The figure's relationship with the biblical tale is also noted. Numerous works are analyzed. Helen Frankenthaler : A 4 page paper that discusses Frankenthaler's experience in the world of art, her unique technique and its subsequent applications.

The paper discusses the fact of recognition for her technique in a male-dominant art world, but not her works. Through feminist descriptions of a few of her works, the paper posits that the beauty of the paintings themselves may have been largely ignored in light of the fact that her technique was so intriguing. The writer analyzes the way Kahlo's paintings represent her life, and the inspiration she offers as a Latin American woman. Bibliography lists one source. The Influence Of Francisco de Goya : A 15 page paper analyzing the effect the late eighteenth-century painter Francisco de Goya had on the Impressionists of the late nineteenth century and the Expressionists of the early twentieth.

The writer concludes that the Impressionists primarily gained from Goya a fresh way of looking at light; the Expressionists gained from his darker period a more direct way of depicting the human soul. The writer also provides descriptions of the work by art critics, which tend to the metaphysical. Their reflections of their lives within their works are contrasted and compared.

The writer posits that, according to their own desires, the artists created the effect of either order Monet or emotion van Gogh. The paper examines the painting from both a technical and a symbolic viewpoint.

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  • Men Only. Abstract Expressionism with regard to issues of race and gender.

Bibliography lists 9 sources. Includes Van Gogh's artwork, new vocabulary words, and a post-lesson quiz. Each bibliography lists 2 sources. An excellent reference for anyone studying elementary education! This paper considers Remington's impact on the identity of the West and the myths and perceptions that were supported by his art. Castiglione's "The Courtier" and Neoplatonic Beauty During the Renaissance : A 6 page paper on this landmark work in Renaissance literature and the art that shared its aesthetic goals.

Bibliography lists 4 sources-. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Restoration Of The Sistine Chapel : A 5 page paper discussing the restoration of the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel and the various sides taken in the controversy surrounding whether they were improved or destroyed by the work done.

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  8. Bibliography lists 4 sources. The writer also explores his work in terms of the period in which it appeared, criticism received, past and present, and how ultimately, his aesthetic principles are served. These pieces were selected because of similar and contrasting poses of the figures within the pieces and how they represent a move to Mannerism.

    Ideals studied include subject, and affectations such as complexity and variety.

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    6. Is Abstract Expressionism Real Art? - Term Paper.
    7. Ultimately, he and his cohorts, shifted the center of the art world from Paris to New York. Several of his works are explored in a piece that looks at the art movement in historical perspective. Donatello vs. Ghiberti : The works, styles, and respective contributions of these Italian Renaissance artists are compared and contrasted in this 6 page analysis.

      Top 25 Art Movements And Styles Throughout History - Artland Magazine

      Contrasts the styles of each. George Seurat - Scientific Impressionism : A 3 page essay on George Seurat-- a French neoimpressionist painter from the late 19th century. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Theme, form, detail, and more are discussed. The difference being that Matisse was not interested in judgments or making political statements.

      His interest was in the placing of color on canvas in a certain order.

      Summary of Abstract Expressionism

      Turner also had this interest, but his comment was political and of mythical proportions. This comparison focuses on Degas Impressionist considerations and Canova representation as a Neoclassicist, and the meaning that these eras had to the work of both men. The comparison also demonstrates the way in which subject plays a role in the ability of the viewer to perceive similarities or differences between two works. Bibliography lists only a web site used to view these statues.

      Leonardo DaVinci's "Mona Lisa " : A 4 page research paper on DaVinci's infamous painting "Mona Lisa" in which the writer presents their own opinion of the work and then complements it with in-depth historical analysis and factual information about the artist, the model, and even the work's original name. From an artistic perspective, the materials and methods used to paint the Mona Lisa are described as being genuinely representative of DaVinci's era.

      The paper discusses these in light of the Renaissance ideas of science and humanity and posits that perhaps the "imperfections" in his paintings exhibit a larger experiment in these two areas of thought. Numerous elements of the painting are analyzed, discussed, and elaborated upon. Picasso's "Les Demoiselles" vs. Botticelli's "Birth of the Virgin " : A 5 page essay that looks at the form of art as a reflection of scientific principles and societal attitudes of the two eras Renaissance and Early 20th Century Cubist. The paper discusses how these two artists' works embody these principles and attitudes in regards use of color and light, and volume and mass v.

      No greater contrarieties could exist than between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane; their drastic differences were as vast as the day is long. Where one represented peace and tranquility, the other symbolized sadness, torture and the depths of despair.

      There is much controversy and mystery surrounding da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper, depending upon which account one believes -- the biblical version or the contemporary version. Even within the biblical version, however, there exists varying accounts of what took place in da Vinci's masterpiece. The writer compares and contrasts the differences between the Gardens, briefly accounts for the fall of Adam and Eve, discusses the various interpretations of The Last Supper, and also includes a bit about the history behind the artist's rendering.

      Analysis of Rembrandt's "Rembrandt Contemplating the Bust of Aristotle " : A 5 page paper discussing three aspects of this infamous painting : light, shadow and psychological basis mood of subject. An abstract flight of the imagination is thus nothing short of an affirmation of freedom in life and history. Dossin, Catherine.

      Modern Art

      Letterature, arti e culture, vol. In the s, many people in Paris were talking about a School of the Pacific. Parisians praised those artists for the meditative quality of their works, which they contrasted with the action painting of the New York School. Relying on a systematic study of the reception of American art in postwar France, my paper will show that the artists associated with the Pacific School were then highly visible in Paris, where they enjoyed public and critical favor. Unlike their "European" colleagues from the East Coast, they were deemed to be truly American, because they belonged to the Far West and from there to the Pacific world, and so had their roots not just outside Europe but most importantly in Asia.

      In Postwar France, Asian culture played an important role, and many artists and thinkers were deeply influenced by Buddhism and calligraphy. By a complex play of cultural transfers, this interest, fed by several important exhibitions of Chinese and Japanese art, shaped the French reception and interpretation of American art scene of the s. Estas obras no eran meros trabajos alimenticios, sino algo en lo que These were not merely a means to earn his bread and butter, but are works with an ethic, aesthetic an ideological commitment, though are separate from his paintings.

      His best known comic, How to Look… published by PM newspaper is one of the most original twentieth century comics and a reflection on what modern art is, its concepts, vices and virtues. Besides, he was involved in many mastheads as editor or art director in some of them. This implication with editorial politics has a deep commitment similar to that of his well-known Black Paintings. Interview with Pat Steir.

      Abstract Expressionism

      Related Topics. Abstract Art. Follow Following. Jackson Pollock.

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