The dead dubliners essay

This interest is so evident that he dedicated one full book of stories to the Irish people: Dubliners , formed by fifteen short stories that portray the society of Dublin Ireland capital city. In spite of this, we cannot say that the references to Dublin are all positive in a general aspect.

The dead dubliners essay

Joyce seems to point out his characters as immobile, powerless people who have no control of their own lives. This feature is also kept in the last story of the book. Lilly — The first word in the narrative is the name of the character that has the function to serve the others. Lilly is paralysed, stuck on her place, due to her social position, which limits her to live only to accomplish her duties.

Lilly is a flat character, with no complexity.

The dead dubliners essay

She has no hope. She conforms to the present situation with no complaints at all. She does not even consider any of the possibilities in which a young lady from her time could have to achieve better future perspectives: the studies or the marriage. Concerning the marriage, we can easily see that Lilly does not think about having a love relationship with any man maybe because of a previous bad experience. However, they also represent a certain kind of paralysis, which, in their case, is the religion.

We all know that Ireland has many squabbles with England concerning religion. The British government tries to impose the Protestantism, while the colony is composed mostly by Catholics. We also know, on the other hand, that Catholicism is a Christianity orientation much more attached to beliefs and traditions than Protestantism. And these traditions and old habits are exactly what imprison both sisters.

by James Joyce

It does not happen only in their religion, but in many others of their acts along the text. That is why they prepare this Christmas party every single year, through so many years, as if it were a type of ritual.

John Huston's The Dead (1987)

Just like Lilly, the Morkan sisters can also be considered flat characters. They just live their lives doing their old habits and they intend to continue living this way till the end of their lives. Instead, they would be just an attempt to keep up appearances, since Kate and Julia organize the party almost mechanically.

Life and Death in "Dubliners" by James Joyce

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    The dead dubliners essay
    The dead dubliners essay
    The dead dubliners essay
    The dead dubliners essay
    The dead dubliners essay
    The dead dubliners essay
    The dead dubliners essay
    The dead dubliners essay

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