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The Red Pony Literature Response Question Bank - Mrs. Shephard 6th Grade

In response, Gitano claims that he has, but remembers little about his adventures. Something about this conversation must have inspired Gitano, since the next morning he is gone. A neighbor reports that he saw a man - someone carrying a sword, riding on horseback into the mountains. Jody, whose dream it is to explore them, is filled with longing and deep thoughts. The Promise is the third section of the book, it being mainly about Billy and Carl deciding to let Jody raise a colt from birth.

So, Jody is given the horse Nellie to breed. The breeding takes a lot of time and money - Jody has to step up his chores to pay for it. After the experience with Gabilan, he is worried that something might go wrong again, so he is wary of Billy. When the time for the birth comes, complications spring up. Nellie is ill.

The Red Pony Worksheets and Literature Unit

Something is wrong with the birth. Nellie has to be killed, and the colt is cut out of her stomach. The last story, The Leader of the People, centers around Jody's grandfather his mother's father. The family receives a letter from the grandfather stating that he is visiting. Carl is upset, giving his main reason of annoyance as the man tells the same stories over and over about crossing the Great Plains. Students should be made to feel comfortable with these prompts, even though time permitting some will read them out loud. How has Jody matured throughout The Red Pony? How are all the stories connected by Plot and Themeand characters?

Pick a scene from the book that shows how differently the two men behave toward him. Generally, your purpose as you write these essays will be to inform, explain, entertain, share your opinion, or persuade us. Examine instances where Billy Buck is angry with Jody. If the genre is persuasive, then the purpose is to convince your reader that your opinion is correct.

Types of essays can include: Your teacher will assess each literature response for depth of information as you analyze the deep meaning of the novel. Include quotes to back up what you are explaining. Who is the better father figure for Jody? How did you react?

The Red Pony

Show how Steinbeck shows his timidity. There any many themes in the second story. For example, he learns a great deal about life when Gabilan the red pony and Nellie the mare died. Describe how you were back in middle school, then compare that to the young man or woman you have become.

Billy Buck is an experienced horse doctor. List the various treatments, in chronological order, that Billy gives to Gabilan. Keep your tone factual, like a veterinarian giving a report.

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Use transition words like first, next, afterwards , and finally to show the order of events. Do a little research into the steps it takes to become a veterinarian. Then write an essay briefly explaining each requirement, and the time it takes to complete the steps. Write it as if you were a counselor advising a young person who is interested in becoming a vet for a career. Write a summary of the story, beginning when Gabilan first gets sick, through the end of the story. Be sure to include quotes from the story that tell us how Jody is feeling at various points in the story for example: worried, moping, bitter, hopeless, angry.

Lesson 6. Write about a time when you lost someone or something important to you. Tell us what happened, and how you felt about this loss. If you feel you learned something from this experience, be sure to include that in your essay. Challenge: include symbolism to help represent what you have lost. Lesson 8, also see prompt Decide if you think Billy is at fault or not, and write an essay persuading us to agree with you. Be sure to include quotes from the book to support your claims.

The Red Pony (1973) Henry Fonda

Explain how having this pet would help you become more mature and responsible. Think about different reasons why they would say no and address each of their concerns.

Avoid sounding whiney. A respectful tone is always more persuasive! Lesson 13 D, Using quotes from the book, explain both what Jody loses as well as what he gains through these experiences and how it changes Jody. Think about a big change in your life. Perhaps when a sibling was born, or you moved to a new home, or when you came to a new school, such as your first day at middle school—any time when you felt uncertain, and when everything seemed new.

Explain what it was you lost, and what it was you gained through these changes. Challenge: try to include a sentence or a symbol in the beginning of your story that foreshadows for the reader that your life is about to change.

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the red pony essay prompts The red pony essay prompts
the red pony essay prompts The red pony essay prompts
the red pony essay prompts The red pony essay prompts
the red pony essay prompts The red pony essay prompts
the red pony essay prompts The red pony essay prompts
the red pony essay prompts The red pony essay prompts

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